kiss helps relieve stress

kiss helps relieve stress
Unless you really know about yourself, so it can be overcome before the mood down and face down on the floor, you need the name Mood Booster. The good news, the mood booster that does not mean you have to book three hours at the spa, but can be obtained from the following simple case.
Water. Most of us do not know how hydrated our bodies. In fact, drinking water can help prevent stress, in fact, only half a liter of water shortage alone can raise levels of cortisol (the body's hormone released during stress). You could say that horrific cycle: We feel stressed, so forget to drink enough water, and dehydration because the body makes you more stressed again. In general, we are encouraged to drink between half an ounce to an ounce of water per pound of body weight us, every day. For example, if you weigh 50kg, that means 25 ounces of water every day, or about 750ml a day. Drink up! And more relaxed.
Laugh. YouTube videos. Doraemon comics. Or serial How I Met Your Mother. Anything that can provoke your laughter, quick get. According, laughter can lower stress levels. With a laugh, oxygen intake increases, so that stimulated the heart, lungs and muscles and increasing endorphins that are produced by the brain. Laughter also stimulated blood circulation, helps loosen muscles and fishing "stress response", which raises heart rate and blood pressure, which produces a sense of relaxed and casual. Laughter is also healthy for the long-term health, improve the immune system and reduces pain the natural way.
Music. Click on your favorite playlist, plug the headphones and raise the volume. According to a study from Montreal Neurogical Institute & Hospital at McGill University shows that music can provoke the release of dopamine in the same way as the effects of food, drugs and sex. In fact, music is not fun for our ears can provoke dopamine.
Breathing In. Remember when you're nervous about something and someone suggested to "take a deep breath"? Advice is worth to you to remember. When we breathe in, it sends a message to the brain to be more calm and relaxed. One exercise you can do to help you relax is to breathe with the stomach. Put one hand on the abdomen below the sternum, and one hand on the chest. As you inhale, feel your hand is driven by the stomach, but do not move your chest. When you exhale through your mouth, feel your stomach go into, More breath, less distress.
Kiss. To be sure, kissing is good for libido. But the good effects do not just stare at your sex life, because kissing is a stress release like meditation. Kissing releasing negative feelings with a sense of happy that we get, so (while) we could forget about work deadlines, a war of words with his sister, or a favorite sweater that does not work we find. What is certain - there's no way we still cranky moments kiss. An added bonus, kissing can also fight tooth pain, allergies and increase the immune system.( )

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kiss helps relieve stress

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