Rape Of A Student In The Bus

New Delhi: gang rape case of a 23 years old student in a city bus in New Delhi, stir across India. Whipped up a polemic heat safety issue for women. Society, politicians, activists busy to take to the streets, condemning the barbaric rapists demeaning the dignity of women.

Punishments as severe should be given to the perpetrators. "The death penalty is essential. I recommend the perpetrators made impotent, so that they repent every day for the rest of their lives," said the leader of India's National Commission for Women (NCW), Mamta Sharma as published by Press Trust of India, Thursday (20/12/2012) .

Sharma confirmed rape on the bus which is a public facility, is a shameful case, not only for the capital of New Delhi, but tarnish the face of India as a civilized nation.

For the activists, not enough to simply install the glass clear rules on public transport, or increase police patrols. Firm and absolute weight penalty should be enforced.

In India tragedy widespread public concern as well its officials. Dominate the media headlines, reportedly appeared on prime time television, a debate in parliament.

Shah Rukh Khan Speak
The Bollywood celebrities also spoke. Come feel insulted. "If we do not punish rapists, we will be punished - immediately. When inhumane crime happening in our own homes and families," said actor Shah Rukh Khan on his Twitter account.

"I think all rapists should be put to death. Must not have such a thing in our lives. I was disgusted, angry, heard the tragedy," said Salman Khan, as published by the Hollywood Reporter (12/20/2012).

Artists Kareena Kapoor argues, is a shame things like that happen in a metropolitan city. "Banning women not to go out the night is not the solution in this matter. As a modern woman living in a developed, I strongly rejected the sentence as it is."

The same thing is said actress Priyanka Chopra. "A woman was raped not because he was out at night, wearing a mini skirt, or a drink. But since ACTORS savage rape!," She writes.

Victim: "Tough Girl"

Rape tragic happened Sunday night local time. The new victim to the movies with her boyfriend beaten, tortured, raped by at least six men barbaric. Then, her exhaustion just thrown from a speeding bus.

The victim had to undergo five operations, one of which removal of parts of the intestine. The poor woman must be treated intensively in the ICU. However, the team of doctors who cared for Safdarjung Hospital called it a "tough girl".

She is still trying hard to cope with trauma severity. "She's a tough girl. We hope the victim can handle it," said Dr Mishra, who accompanied the victim in the hospital.

To this day the victim can not speak or move. He gave a written statement to the police on Tuesday, revealing what happened that fateful Sunday night.

People all over Delhi are united to defend the victims, all over the country to pray for him. The attitude of togetherness that makes us, the people of Indonesia should be jealous.

Rape in public transport and not once or twice occurred in the archipelago, especially in the capital Jakarta. There's even dead. But it was not until the tragic realities make make major changes to ensure security of women. Easily eliminated by the news confused the issue of the political elite.( +Dictionary News )

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Rape Of A Student In The Bus

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